Clear the Air with Totaline® UV

When your customers need advanced indoor air quality solutions because of allergies or a high volume of dust, dander or other pathogens in their home, you should know that offering them UV germicidal lights from your local Totaline Sales Center can help. Dust, dirt, mold and other materials can build up on heating and cooling systems – and that means they infiltrate the air your customers breathe every time their system runs. Not to mention, when these substances build up on the indoor coil, heating and cooling system efficiency is reduced.

UV germicidal lights will help your customers enjoy cleaner, fresher air when used in conjunction with an air cleaner, because ultraviolet light waves help to reduce the amount of pollutants. UV light provides safe, efficient killing of bacteria, mold, viruses and other microorganisms, so your customers will have peace of mind. These lights apply a constant dose of UV energy that kills 99.9 percent of the targeted organisms. And, UV lights are also low maintenance – they require no cleaning and lamps are simply replaced once a year.

When you need UV germicidal lights for your customers, finding the solution is as simple as visiting your local Totaline Sales Center. There, you’ll find everything you need to provide your customers with the indoor air quality solutions they need to improve the air they’re breathing at home and at the office, including UV germicidal lights.